Carvings have covered the walls of caves, traced the black figures on Greek pottery and were graffitied on walls in Pompei and Ercolano. Such etchings have a rich history and can trace the development of mankind.

Acqueforte, the technique of etched engravings onto a surface, was born during the Renaissance. Its complex processes see the creation of unique and original engravings; once these etchings were used they were destroyed to avoid the same etching being made again. 

Today, AKROS employs similar developments and innovations in applied stone work to reinvigorate acquaforte and revive the old practices of drawing on marble. The brand’s work is entirely handcrafted as it used to be in studios during the Italian Renaissance. Akros' creations are inspired by ancient monumental constructions and famous works of art but the brand adds an unexpected luxurious twist to modern interiors.