Envoy specialises in exclusive high design European commercial furniture & accessories. Envoy firmly  believes that aesthetics, functionality and quality increase motivation and productivity, and they provide the furniture and accessories to create such environments. The Envoy team is passionate about design; they have a shared conviction that good design is about the craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail.  Envoy promotes a carefully selected range of products of outstanding quality and durability many of which have never been available in the region before.  Based in Dubai and Melbourne Envoy travels extensively to find and build relationships with their represented companies and are proud to work with quality designers who excel at providing innovative solutions and accessories in large and small-scale projects. With much expertise in the local market Envoy ME is able to specify these products to the industry working closely with its clients to provide inspiration and support.  The brand is exhibiting at Downtown Design and bringing furniture and lightings brands: Brokis, Assembly Room, Functionals and Ophelis.