Fantini Mosaici

Specializing in mosaic, marble, Venetian Terrazzo and pebbestone, Fantini Mosaici is a company committed to delivering the best of what they offer. Historically based in Milan since the 1900s, they now have offices in Abu Dhabi, Miami, and New Port California.

Fantini Mosaici represents luxury without boundaries and they offer rich, modern or classic finishings that make every property unique.

In the Middle East, Fantini Mosaici is mostly known for the finishing of the interiors of the iconic Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Bin Sultan Mosque, for the Royal Palaces in Doha , the new Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, the magnificient Palazzo Versace and Condominiums in Dubai, Cipriani Restaurant in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi and for the well distinguished  Prada Boutiques across the Emirates.

Fantini Mosaici will be exhibiting with the Italian Pavilion at Downtown Design 2015.