Functionals offers a collection of furniture and home goods designed exclusively by innovative designers. Each has his or her distinctive perspective, but they share a bold aesthetic, commitment to craftsmanship, and attention to detail.  Products are humane and functional, designed for everyday use.

The Wendela Chair, featured at Downtown Design is a perfect example. The chair was designed by Christoph Seyferth, the visionary behind Serener.  Seyferth’s work has a timeless quality, referencing the integrity of thoughtful craftsmanship and celebrating the essence of pure materials like stone, leather and steel.

Functionals are equally detail-driven when it comes to manufacturing their products many of which are finished by hand. Much of their assembly is done at their headquarters in the Dutch town of Goirle.  Functionals was launched with the Bonsai candleholder and Swivel Floor light in 2009, since then their collection has grown to include tables, seats, lights, tableware, and accessories.

Functionals interest in fine craftsmanship and attention to detail comes naturally. Siblings Ad and Simon van Esch, founders of Functionals, are also the second-generation owners of van Esch, a manufacturer of storage units devoted to creating “The Perfect Entrance.”