LCMX is a design & architecture studio and workshop located in the core of Mexico City. It was founded by brothers Ricardo and Otniel Rodríguez Elías, designer and architect respectively. While being specialized in solid wood, their main and most important aspiration is to optimize the design and functionality of products and projects; as such the brand constantly seeks to be up to date in all matters related to their areas of expertise. LCMX currently works and collaborates with a large number of professionals and manufacturing specialists in different fields including interior design, museography, architecture, object design and engineers among others. Since its foundation, LCMX has focused on the organic design and construction of different spaces -including site specific furniture-, such as bars, museums, restaurants, offices and private houses. The brands products are part of private design collections, as well as of public galleries, including: Ediciones Jalapa, Mexico City; Galería Mexicana de Diseño, Mexico City; and ADN, Mexico City.