Lema: Italian excellence between innovation and tradition, today even more cosmopolitan.

Love for detail and quality defines Lema’s discreet vision. An Italian way to design aimed at substance intended as excellence of execution and materials: a philosophy that Lema has been pursuing since its foundation combining handicraft skills to cutting-edge industrial technologies. Turning the manufacturing heritage into highly mechanised processes led to a custom-made product with the advantages of a modern mass production despite retaining the typical hand-made care.

First in Italy to propose custom-made modular systems for day and night areas in over 40 years Lema constantly evolved building a complete furniture range that, in addition to systems representing the brand’s core business, is currently consisting of chairs, sofas, tables, storage, beds and accessories.

Nowadays Lema expresses itself through a living idea pervaded by a refined understatement: this is Lema home, like a tailor-made dress free of constraints, inspired to a lifestyle away from pretentiousness, devoted to utmost emotional comfort. Contemporary suggestions of the Mediterranean lifestyle, essence of the Made in Italy: a soft allure traces the boundaries where luxury always remains in the background, while a relaxed atmosphere stands out, charming for its impeccable quality and gracefulness of the single pieces. Creations thought to live in harmony but able to adapt to every home, worldwide.