Luigi Sartori SRL

Luigi Sartori creates handmade modern rugs that can be customized for contract customers. The wools they use have origins in Kashmir, between the Afghan Gazni Mountains and Nepal, and are hand spun and dyed to achieve irregular yarn and colour tone variations. The brand believes in only using natural materials in their pieces; aside from leaving the natural undyed colours in their rugs, they also use vegetable dyes extracted from flowers, herbs and tree bark. Rug design, technical work and production are all conducted in Italy and under Italian direction. Some pieces are entirely created by architects and interior designers requiring specific pieces for their projects. The best thing about Sartori rugs are their affordable prices. The brand is one of the first to offer high quality, natural-fibred silk rugs at an affordable price. Sartori rugs have been used by interior decorators to adorn the floors of hotels, yachts and homes.