NEO is a “one man’s show”, a design studio and brand established late 2005 by Portuguese Industrial Designer Rodrigo Vairinhos in Germany.

NEO’s design philosophy aims in creating a concept of everyday products with a strong character, whose design language(s) and quality are clearly seen on the creations of the designer Rodrigo Vairinhos.

Vairinhos designs juicy, unique and cutting-edge products featuring elegance and playfulness without lacking functionality. He carefully chooses warm and organic materials and uses simple local production techniques.

Vairinhos design trace is an innovative quest for simplicity directing towards both the acute and the naïve, by a certain geometry, metaphorical and evocative, emotional and poetic. His designs are highlighting design simplicity and the tendency to a renewed use of the so called “traditional materials”.

The Designer will be showing in Dubai for the very first time and NEO / Vairinhos wants to captivate the visitor with a selection of amazing lighting products that go between the industrial and art. Some of them where never shown before, some of them are classic “best sellers”, but one thing is common, “geometry”, handmade, classic materials and shapes you have to think about and can relate.