Being a family based business that dates back to the 1920’s, Alaa Hindi and Sons have built a name that has become synonymous with luxury and quality by providing their clients with the most exceptional handmade carpets, furniture and antiques from around the world.

Under their brand name Samovar, which signifies refinement and hospitality, Alaa Hindi and Sons have extended beyond the boundaries of the common carpet store by providing  impeccable pre and post sale customer service, whilst also offering a personal learning and buying experience in a comfortable setting without pressure or haste.

Samovar Carpets and Furniture presents the traditional and timeless beauty of the past with a modern flare while also providing a luxurious and leisurely experience worthy of the treasures held within.

We are the Guinness World Record Holder of the Largest Hand woven Carpet made in Iran in 2009.

We will be exhibiting four of our Award winning brands:

Floor to Heaven by Michaela Schleypen

2007 Carpet Design Awards Middle East "Best liked Product"
2007 ELLE DECO Design Awards Best Newcomer Worldwide

2015 Carpet Design Award “Best Liked”

Rug Star by Jurgen Dahlmanns

2014 Carpet Design Award “Best Traditional Design & Most Liked”

2015 Carpet Design Award  “Best Modern Design Deluxe”

2015 Carpet Design Award “Best Traditional Collection”


Wool and Silk by Erbil Tezcan

2013 Carpet Design Award  “Best Modern Design Superior”

2013 Carpet Design Award  “Best Collection Modern”  

2014 Carpet Design Award “Best Modern Collection”

2015 Carpet Design Award  “Best Modern Collection”


Vartian by Arman Vartian

2011 Carpet Design Award “Best Modern Design Deluxe”

2014 Interior Innovation Award by the German Design Council